the power of Film
Films can move the world.

American Dream the Movie takes note of the influence on climate change awareness generated by the film An Inconvenient Truth, aiming instead at what the American dream has come to represent for too many. It does so by exposing the relationship between the invisible forces of consumerism, individual citizens, and the power of personal and collective shifts in consciousness and sustainability. The goal of the film is to inspire a new, grassroots American dream—one that could become a focus both for policymakers and for a social change movement that transcends politics.

danny-glover“Many people simply talk about the problems facing the world. It can be quite overwhelming if you sit down and start to think about worldwide social and environmental crises. What we need is something that will tune us into the hope we should be holding in our hearts. The film American Dream is such a vision.”   — Danny Glover, Activist, Actor & Director

claudia_welssAmerican Dream the Movie is currently in post-production and will hit the nation’s zeitgeist at an especially vulnerable and likely moment–-with your help. Watch the trailer, listen to Joel’s message, and consider how much financial support you are able to offer this important, motivating documentary to help bring its message into the realm of action.” 

Thank you,
Claudia Welss, Producer & Filmanthropist